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Runescape and the Quest For Gold – Newbies Plan Your Strategy and Secrets to Fast Gold!

Newbies need to know what to do in rs 07 gold before they start to do it.

Just like anywhere else in the world, people try to find ways to get gold and money for free and in the game called Runescape, it is no different. The people who play Runescape, or any other MMORPG for that matter, know that power lies in the amount of money you have inside the game. Having money inside the game enables you to buy the best equipment to give you the edge over other players and help you slay the monsters you need to slay inside the game easily. Since the levels a person gains inside the game is gained from the experience points one gets with slaying monsters and completing certain tasks, having the right kind of equipment to make it easy is essential.

What kind of equipment do you need you ask? Well, obviously you can’t kill anything with a broom handle so you will need to farm or trade enough to get battle armaments, swords, shields and whatever else you need for the quest at hand. So plan your strategy and decide what you will be doing in the long term to make getting gold in the short term easier.

If it is your desire to live as simple life and farm and stay out of everyone’s way then you will not need the accoutrements or a warrior, but for the sake of protection and safety it never hurts to have a few swords under the bunk..

I personally would do some major research on the game before I formulated a strategy for the game, because there is already no shortage of idiots just wandering around lost clueless about there next move. Have a purpose, define your goals and your gaming experience will be the far richer for it. Your primary concern initially is to farm enough currency or gold to sustain a living. As we mentioned earlier if you want to be a warrior then you will need a bigger purse to buy everything you need. Consider farming for a while to get what you need but usually the first few weeks is the slowest as people try to eek out a living farming and grunging just to get enough gold to get by.